Value Creation Process


IMB employs a customized approach to working with the management teams of its portfolio companies to build world-class suppliers to large corporations and government entities.


  • Perform rigorous market and company assessment

  • Conduct retreat and set 3-5 key initiatives

  • Recruit value-adding board members and advisors

  • Develop 100-day, 365-day and 3-year strategic plans


  • Develop client-centric and large accounts sales process and apply MWBE sales advantage, where appropriate

  • Identify and decide on new products, new markets and new distribution channels

  • Develop targeted add-on acquisition strategy


  • Build additional senior and mid-level management capacity around the core team

  • Upgrade financial, operations and sales reporting systems as necessary

  • Integrate social impact model to support internal team engagement and external community connectivity

  • Continue to invest in technology, systems and R&D and commit to recruiting, training, and motivating the best people