The Opportunity


IMB seeks to bridge the MWBE spending gap between the capabilities of Minority- and Women-Owned Business Entities (MWBEs) and the needs of large corporations and government entities seeking large-scale MWBE suppliers.

LCGE Customers:


  • ​U.S. demographics driving change: 

    • Explosive growth and influence of minority populations

    • Women and minorities control 75% of U.S. consumer spending


  • 350 of the Fortune 500 have dedicated supplier diversity programs and 38 states have MWBE laws  


MWBE Suppliers: 


  • Typically too small and lack the necessary resources to serve the needs of Large Corporations and Government Entities (LCGEs)


  • MWBEs account for <6% of total LCGE procurement spend


  • Fewer than 2% of MWBE suppliers have revenue greater than $1 million